Платежный пароль Яндекс Деньги

Good, service, or store Search. Start a Wallet Log in. You need to enter your payment password to confirm actions made on your account. This includes every time you make an important payment, transfer, or withdrawal; when you activate a pre-paid card or enable various services; and to view your detailed history of transactions. If you use permanent payment password, keep it safe and do not tell anybody.

Check now whether you remember your payment password.

Восстановление аккаунта Яндекс Денег

Or you can switch to one-time passwords. Switch to one-time passwords. You can change your payment password via Yandex. To access this section you need to enter your current payment password. You can do so in one of the following ways:. If you have a cell phone number linked to your account: Why do I need a яндекс деньги как узнать свой платежный пароль password if I already have a regular one?

Where can I enter my payment password and where should I not enter it? Money employees know my payment password?

Процесс восстановления пароля

Main Add money Start a Wallet. Accept payments For business Invoicing Fundraising page. Security Developers Legal Information Mobile version. You can do so in one of the following ways: What is a recovery code? All questions from this section.